Fokker F28-Mk100 new life “Cargo”

Phoenix Aero Solutions, LLC. introduces the new life for the Fokker 100 and 70 aircraft. If you own or operate a Fokker Mk-100 or Mk-070, you can forget about parking or dismantling your aircraft. Fokker has a reputation of designing and building a sturdy, long life aircraft, and now is the time to take advantage of those available flight hours by breathing new life into your airframe as a Cargo hauler. After extensive review of several dismantled Fokker 100’s, to acceptance of a Fokker 100 fuselage segment for digital scanning and testing. Phoenix Aero Solutions has begun the journey of bringing, new life to the Fokker 100 and 70 platform with “Cargo” modifications. The new cargo design features an E-class system and LUD (Large Utility Door). Let the Phoenix Aero Solutions revival team build one for you.

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