Test article part 5

We’re Back! Jet Midwest Tecknik and the Phoenix have been busy, and everyone thought we were gone. Doesn’t the Test Article Just Scream For Cargo! Next step is to complete additional belly shoring and internal shoring and remove existing fuselage plating at defined LUD opening, which is identified on the outside of the fuselage. After […]

Professional Engineering

To provide a professional modification to the world, provide it with the professional services of Silver Aerospace BV engineering group. Silver AeroSpace can provide services for the Fokker 100 cargo project which includes 3D catia drawing format, concept design work, FEM modeling and Structural Substantiation reporting. With Phoenix Aero Solutions, LLC. partners, this will bring […]


Don’t have the time or know how to make your aviation company compliant? FAA Compliance Helper has GOT FAA COMPLIANCY! www.faa-compliancehelper.com. FAA Compliance Helper is an exciting addition to the list of Phoenix Aero Solutions, LLC. divisions. FAA Compliance Helper gives not only the updates to your existing FAA CRS 145 or PMA (Part Manufacturing […]